Kind Words


Dearest Kate,

Can’t tell you and Julie how many times this week your names have been said. Your ability to become a part of the party, know the people, and still maintain professionalism is remarkable. You are dealing with people at one of the most important and emotional times in their lives. You have to become personally involved in order to get the optimum results! Exactly the same as my business. That’s why I had to write this note. I extend my greatest admiration to both of you.

You must come visit us in NC so we can serve you up a good dose of BBQ, sweet tea, collards, and all things “southern”.  It would be our pleasure!

Thank you so much for being such an important part of our wedding.

And this is all over and beyond the fact that I know the photographs will be phenomenal!!

Love you guys,

Mother of the Bride
Destination Wedding
Elbow Cay, Abacos, Bahamas


Dear Kate,

How can I possibly thank you!  I am still at a loss for words in how to express our appreciation to you and your assistant for your amazing work on Saturday, but I couldn’t wait another day to tell you how wonderful it was to have you with us on one of the most memorable days of our lives!  Your professionalism, your ability to herd an excitable wedding party in and out of group shots, your smile, your genuine sense of happiness to be with us added a layer of confidence for me that the day was going to be captured in a true Kate Webber way and aren’t we lucky!

I want to also thank you for the incredible sensitivity you expressed when my dear daughter was feeling the emotions of not only the past week, but of the past 7 months come upon her in one fell swoop.  Instead of adding the pressure of reminding her we needed to stay on schedule, you gave her the space to refocus and even had the insight to know that seeing a photo of her sweet groom would calm her down.  Amazing, truly amazing.   Not only are you a gifted photographer, you are a joy to be around.  We thank you and will surely thank you many times over.  We can’t wait to see the magic you have created!


Mother of the Bride
Destination Wedding
Private Estate, Lake Tahoe, CA



How can I not love you?!?!  You’re an amazing, fun person, extremely organized, professional and a phenomenally talented photographer.  I’m so lucky to have had you at our wedding and feel so lucky to have found you.  I feel like the whole day went smoothly and I really had the night of my life.  We are so happy!  You are amazing!!!

Loving all the photos!!!!!!!!  I’m going to gush over these for so long!

Tomiko & Mel
San Jose Museum of Art
San Jose, CA


Are you flipping kidding me?  These are the best wedding photos I have ever seen.  I feel like I’m looking at a magazine yet she captured the vibe of the venue and tone of the event perfectly.  How in the world will you choose between shots?  Holy sh%#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a talented woman.  You guys are so lucky she covered your event this way…wow.

Email to Bride from her best friend & attendant
Destination Wedding
Spring Ranch, Mendocino, CA


I know I cry wolf a lot on SMP. It seems like every wedding is my very favorite wedding. Ever. But I swear, this time it’s true. At the very least, it’s some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen. Images that seem more like art than wedding photographs…

Abby Larson
Style Me Pretty



Thank you sooo sooo much! Matt and I had the best evening together last night–we curled up with a delicious bottle of red wine and went through every single wonderful, wonderful picture. It was amazing to re-live the day and see all the many moments that we missed in the craziness of it all.  I couldn’t have imagined a better set of pictures and a better memory of our wedding!  I don’t even know how to thank you.  It’s so clear how much effort you put into understanding all the important people, moments, details and places, and means so much to me to have a record of it all.  I’m delighted that you were there, sharing the day with us.


I am so thrilled to share the pictures with our families, and know they will love them immensely.

Lizzy & Matt
Los Gatos, CA


Hi Kate,

We are finally back to “normal” life and getting around to reflecting on everything that happened.  We want to say thank you for helping us feel so comfortable and natural that day to create such great memories.  You were so amazing with everyone and we really appreciate it.

We’ve gotten so many pictures from our friends that we’re even MORE excited to see yours now!

Thanks again for everything.  Btw, my mom was so impressed that she wants to cook a Korean dinner for you when you come to the east coast!  : )

Kelly & Marty
Beaulieu Garden
Napa, CA



They are BEAUTIFUL!  We LOVE them so much and can’t wait to show them to our family and friends. Thank you so much, truly, for capturing such beautiful memories.  The details are stunning.  I’m sure we said “oh, wow” or “gorgeous” or “amazing” at least 100 times each!

Milton checked the computer this morning while I was still sleeping and then woke me to tell me the pictures were here!  It was such a wonderful way to start the day and we just loved each photo.

I can’t wait to look at them again and again and again! I am so smitten by the pictures and I can’t stop looking at them!  Thank you dear Kate!  You are such an artist and we are so blessed to have found you.

Kim & Milton
Destination wedding
Cuixmala, Mexico


Another from Kim (bride above):
I guess my friend Jenny likes the pictures!  And she’s a photographer:

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH…..Oh good LORD!! Those are simply stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, you looked G-OR-GE-OUS and Milton was SMOKIN’!! Seriously, those pictures/that wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Stunning, I tell you…..??STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!”



Thank you so much for capturing so many great moments on our special day.  Jeff & I enjoyed the time we spent with you so much!  You helped put us at ease and made us feel so comfortable during the whole shoot.  And we absolutely love our photographs.  Your talent is simply amazing!  We appreciate the attention you gave to all the details.  These are memories we will cherish for a long time to come.  So many thanks!

Jeff & Alicia
Cornerstone Gardens
Sonoma, CA


Dear Kate,

Lizzy and I wanted to thank you for your awesome performance during our wedding.  We both loved working with you and really appreciate your professionalism, friendliness and talent!  Thank you for making our day memorable for all the right reasons! Thanks again for everything and I hope we can get together after we get back to the Bay Area!

Dan & Lizzy
Private Estate
Sonoma, CA


Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!  We are SO pleased with you and your work, from the fun engagement shoot to our wedding celebration.  You are truly talented and we were lucky to have you on board.  You and your crew captured our wedding day beautifully and we would testify to that any day!  Many, many thanks!  We look forward to keeping in touch!

Divina & Tyler
Grace Cathedral/Mark Hopkins
San Francisco, CA


What we liked best about having Kate photograph our wedding was her ability to capture not only the people and the place, but the emotional feel of it. She got all of the key moments of the day without interrupting the flow of our event, and she was truly receptive to my requests — even when I told her I have a “good side!”  Kate also has such a special talent in photographing details — the images of our rings, cake and flowers are beautiful because of her unique artistic ability.

Amy & Andy
Sea Ranch Lodge
Sea Ranch, California


A wedding can be a very confusing event to plan. You end up making a thousand decisions, forming new opinions, then questioning your decisions and defining your taste. Choosing Kate to be our wedding photographer was one decision we never questioned. From our first few meetings before the wedding she proved to truly care about my needs and she remained confident and reassuring.

On the wedding day, Kate showed up with a smile and a clear vision. She maintained an energetic, focused and overall wonderful demeanor the entire day! Guests commented to us the day of, as well as the next day, that they had never seen such a hard working wedding photographer. Even when some things went wrong, we knew that Kate was reliable and was even an instrumental figure in setting things right for us when that wasn’t her job!

Kate captured still lifes and action shots with such a kind perspective — she has a clear, gentle way of capturing moments in time. It was really special to have experienced our wedding day from our own point of view and then again later through Kate’s touching and creative perspective!

She is such a joy to work with!

Sofi & Ted
Kunde Estate Winery
Sonoma, California


Where to begin? Mark and I have started to refer to you as Wonder Woman. You are so incredible! Such a great eye, great talent and phenomenal spirit and energy! We feel so fortunate at having found you…and we can’t stop thanking our lucky stars. Thank you for capturing our wedding and our engagement and our general craziness before. The pictures look so fantastic! Thanks for being such the amazing spirit you are…it truly shines through in everything.

Besos upon besos!

Ivana & Mark
Marin Art & Garden Center
Ross, CA


Kate’s images went beyond our expectations. They articulated the tone, spirit and ambiance of our day. Not only did she capture all of the tiny details, but she took beautiful formals shots and unforgettable candids. In moments of feeling overwhelmed, Kate remained a calming force and she always had a smile on her face.

Elizabeth & Brentt
Merket Center, Texas Tech
Lubbock, Texas


When looking for a photographer for our outdoor, wine country wedding, we were looking for an artist with traditional yet contemporary skills. Kate is exceptionally talented in both black & white and color mediums and has a natural eye for great photography.

After meeting Kate for the first time, we knew we’d found the photographer for us. Not only is she a delightful, warm person, she is also a pleasure to work with. Her photography speaks for itself but beyond that, she also has exceptional business skills that unexpectedly helped us better plan our wedding. Kate was clearly the one individual that helped make our wedding a great success.

Grant & Sondra
Navillus Birney Ranch
Sonoma, California


For our less-than-traditional wedding, the most important thing was the location to set the tone for the occasion. Next, we needed just the right person to document the event so we could look back through the photographs to re-live all the small details we planned to make the wedding unique. Kate was more than perfect in accomplishing this with her fantastic framing of the moment and receptiveness to roll with the flow of things. I left my wedding photography experience with Kate a happy newly wed and able to confidently recommend her to whomever I can.

To put it simply, she is kind-hearted and extremely talented.

Meryl & Philip
Tawantan House
Napa, California


It is difficult to express how lucky we felt to have such an easy-going yet professional photographer shooting our wedding. Even in the most challenging settings—with the ocean, the wind and the sand—Kate captured every moment of our day exactly how we wanted it. Her ability to combine her story-telling with her talents as a true artist, was done with such skill and coherence. It was truly amazing! With extraordinary attention to detail, style and class, our pictures contain all the emotion and love of our special day!

Melanie & Zevi
La Playa Beach Resort

Naples, Florida


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