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Dear Vermont, I love you.


Ease of Agave

Beautifully soft with just the right amount of edge.


Sense of Home

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. I love it. That said, its nice being back in San Francisco for a while. Having now returned to a more consistent pattern with my swimming, I am reminded that wherever I seem to be, I am always at home in the water. Not strangely, that’s also how I seem to feel with a camera in-hand. I like when my two homes collide.


{I’m not going to lie — stepping into the gorgeous, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico (pictured above) are a lot easier to rally myself into than the chilly SF Bay.}

Current Travel Obsession

Adventures along far away dirt roads, breezing past fields of palm trees in this blissfully green vintage Grand Wagoneer are calling! One can dream, can’t she?


Destination Wedding in Moorea – 3

Wedding Day.

The wedding day was an elegant but relaxed afternoon and evening held at Legends Resort which is a small resort of villas nestled into the mountainside overlooking the beautiful blue expanse.  Local musicians set the tone while a Tahitian priest married the couple in an intimate ceremony, complete with a rainbow making an appearance just after the completion of the vows.  Guests enjoyed a 5-course gourmet dinner in the property’s Villa des Sens and, in the Swedish tradition, there were lots of toasts (each humorously introduced in a multitude of languages by the groom’s brother).  Manuía!


Destination Wedding in Moorea – 2

On the second day, guests were taken by boat to swim with huge rays and then soak in some relaxation on a nearby motu.  While there, they snorkeled, listened to more local musicians, were taught how to make a local favorite, poisson cru, and how best to break down a coconut.


Destination Wedding in Moorea – 1

Dear Moorea, I love you.  Yes, yes I do.

In fact, I love a lot of what I saw and experienced on several of French Polynesia’s volcanic Society Islands.  How could you not?  I hope the photos are worth all the words I would otherwise (and inadequately) insert into this post to describe the deep beauty of these islands and this culture.


Destination Wedding Photos in Moorea on the SMP blog

Photo of bride & groom

Need some beautiful bursts of fresh color today?   One of my favorite weddings that I’ve shot (a destination wedding on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia) is up on the Style Me Pretty Destination blog.  Look out for more photos shared on here very soon, too!


Late one day recently, I fell in love with the most graceful sliver of sun as it draped itself along the smooth curve of this hillside.

Pecan Pie Dreams

I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t stop dreaming about this perfect piece of pecan pie (say that 5 times fast) from The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas today!  So so good.

I don’t remember having pecan pie much as a kid, so its not some old nostalgia pulling me in.  In fact, my earliest memory of trying this pie is as an adult.  After this here piece of sweet goodness though, all other pecan pie memories are now tarnished.  More on Texas and The Salt Lick BBQ stop another time.  This post is just for a randomly sweet (but not too sweet), fleeting, pecan memory.  By the way, you should have dessert today…I think you deserve it.