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Mama Love ?

I am not quite sure where this year thinks it is going so fast!  How is it already almost Mother’s Day?  Well, no matter how rushed time seems, I happily welcome a moment to stop and smile with thanks to all the sweet, wonderful moms out there…most of all, thanks and Big Love to my own beautiful mother.

Enjoy the extra special Mama Love this weekend, ladies!

The Newness

A HAPPY & HEALTHY 2011 to you!  There is nothing like starting out fresh and rested like this little nugget.  Enjoy.

42 years and counting

Most of the couples I photograph are newly engaged or celebrating their wedding day.  There is a heightened excitement surrounding these stages in a relationship that most people can relate to witnessing or feeling themselves.  Its a special time.

Today is my parents’ 42nd wedding anniversary.  I’ve had the great fortune to grow up seeing an exemplary relationship between two partners that is full of respect, humor and ever-growing love.  During this past winter’s visit, when these photos were taken, my father and I took a walk one morning in Golden Gate Park.  He said to me:  “I don’t just love your mom, I’m still in love with her.”  In some ways, that special time I mentioned has lasted 42 years and counting for my parents.

A wedding is one thing, a marriage is another.  Thanks, Mom & Dad, and happy anniversary!

Introducing Magnolia Grey!


My dear friends and very first wedding clients, Amy & Andy, who were married by the barn at Sea Ranch Lodge, recently welcomed their baby daughter, Magnolia Grey, into the world!  I was not-so-secretly hoping that she would be born on my birthday, but she held out a few days past that.  I guess there are already enough other people that I know and love whom I share a birthday with…

I had so much fun for Magnolia’s first photo shoot and I think she actually did, too!  She was such a great baby.  Here are two lovelies.  Enjoy this little cutie.



At long last, Kate Webber Photography has a new wedding & portrait site…and in case you haven’t noticed, a new look for the blog, too!
Check out the new website here!  I hope you’ll love it and I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to post comments here.

Picture 12


Sun and Earth fun

Who is that fabulously cute little lamb in my KIDS portfolio?  None other than my niece, Anika, at 26 days old!

Turns out that this image is the winner for the monthly Sun and Earth photo contest– my photo, her beauty and my brother and sister-in-law’s quote combined to win First Place for February.  So, she will grace the homepage of this non-toxic and earth-friendly cleaning products’ website for the next month. Her modeling career has begun auspiciously, I say!

…you guys owe me some detergent!