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Dear Vermont, I love you.


Ease of Agave

Beautifully soft with just the right amount of edge.


Sense of Home

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. I love it. That said, its nice being back in San Francisco for a while. Having now returned to a more consistent pattern with my swimming, I am reminded that wherever I seem to be, I am always at home in the water. Not strangely, that’s also how I seem to feel with a camera in-hand. I like when my two homes collide.


{I’m not going to lie — stepping into the gorgeous, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico (pictured above) are a lot easier to rally myself into than the chilly SF Bay.}


Late one day recently, I fell in love with the most graceful sliver of sun as it draped itself along the smooth curve of this hillside.

You Are Free


Everybody come together – FREE – Everybody get together

Just fall in love when you sing your song on the…
Take a chance
True Romance, when you dance

excerpts from “Free” by Cat Power

The swings will do that– make you feel free.  We rode this at a County Fair on our friend Justin’s birthday.  Free feels nice.  Just a kind thought for your Tuesday afternoon.  Carry on.


If you couldn’t guess from this post’s title, yes, I like the Velvet Underground (and Nico). Here is a recent image from my personal work that I would like to share.  I decided to take a mini-diversion from my mainly wedding/portrait posts to put this up.  Although, I have to mention, and I could be mistaken, but I think this was actually the first song my sister and brother-in-law danced to at their wedding!


For whatever variety of reasons, we become attached to things, places, people.  As I’m sure you can imagine is an easy feat for me, I become attached to images.  This photo filtered through my mind quite quickly into a place that I hold close.  Why?  Its mere existence is an affirmation of how much I love what I do, it is an affirmation of all the hours I have spent and those still ahead, looking, finding, making. I had just put down my gear after 9 hours of shooting at a wedding and I saw this beautiful mix of light, this old wallpaper, this softly glowing mirror– I had to take its picture!  I smiled knowing that I had just  finished a long, full day of “seeing” and yet, there was still room and excitement for more.  * I like this photo and I like what I see upon looking into it even more. *

Handmade: Hilary Finck Contemporary Jewelry

Continuing along with the element of handmade from my last posting (handmade invitations in Wine Country Wedding) I have another, even more crafty handmade tale to tell!  I recently received an update from a talented friend of mine announcing her new storefront on Etsy for her jewelry line:  Hilary Finck Contemporary Jewelry.  


In case you are not yet aware of Etsy, it is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade and it creates a forum for the buyer to connect more personally with the maker as well.

Knowing firsthand how well-crafted and cool Hilary’s jewelry line is– I happen to own several custom pieces of hers, which I have conveniently photographed for you folks to admire here– her website has been added to my “Check these out…” section of links off to the right for future reference.


A bit more about Hilary’s handcrafted work…

“Hilary’s jewelry invokes a playful, creative and feminine spirit.  She designs with fashion-forward women in mind who are unique in their overall persona.  Her pieces are architectural and organic, mixing hard edges with hand forged elements.  The designs are delicately modern, in particular her trademark Plique-a-jour collection in which transparent enamel is inlaid into the metal creating a stained-glass window effect.”


Many of Hilary’s pieces are also one-of-a-kind.  She collects interesting seashells and naturally polished beach stones, vintage buttons and other found objects and captures them in a ring, pair of earrings or a necklace.  Custom pieces are always welcome in the category…”


So, maybe you find something perfect for yourself, your sister, your friend…or maybe you head off on your sun-splashed honeymoon and stroll the beach with your new wife,  finding some shells or rocks along the way.  Now you finally know what to do those little keepsakes…get in touch with this innovative lady and get something cool!

Happy shopping.

Looking up

On a cold San Francisco summer day, while shooting a series of environmental portraits in Golden Gate Park of my fellow Design Guild San Francisco creatives, I looked up and found this a very lovely scene.  Though it is summer, it makes me think of autumn…


Art for CARE – photography auction

I was thrilled to be a part of the wonderful Art for CARE event this past Thursday evening!  As one of the 80 + photographers who donated work for the silent auction, the image above was my contribution. It is from my fine art series and was taken at a skatepark in Tacoma, WA– because the image has such a painterly aesthetic, I chose to have it printed on canvas and stretched for final presentation.  


Art for CARE  was conceived of and produced by the fabulous and kind-hearted Brian Holliday, in conjunction with several CARE staff members, to raise money for SF General Hospital’s C.A.R.E. program (Cancer Awareness Resource Education).

A wonderful, excited spirit ran throughout the night at the gorgeous, donated venue, Left Space Studios, and ultimately, a good chunk of money was raised for a program that has touched and helped cancer patients, as well as, family members of patients.  It was a beautiful success and I am already excited about this event continuing again in 2009!


Here is some further info about the event and program:

CARE offers “live” health education programs in English, Spanish, and Cantonese for San Francisco General Hospital’s cancer patients.  We also offer a multilingual theater program, The Araceli Theater Project.  The cancer patients CARE serves are vibrant and diverse, but face enormous challenges in taking care of their health.  Since its inception in 2002, over 600 cancer patients at San Francisco General Hospital have participated in the CARE program and the Araceli Theater Project.

Newly diagnosed cancer patients, as well as current CARE participants, are invited to join every new 10 – 12 week CARE series.  Each weekly group meeting includes an interactive health related presentation, a “check-in” activity, and dinner.
Art for CARE is going to be a first for San Francisco General Hospital. We’ll have live music, fabulous food catered by Fresca: Peruvian Cuisine, and beautiful donated photography. The event will be hosted at Left Space Studios.  The event promises to be both elegant and memorable, as well as a great way to support community-based cancer education.”