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Folksy tunes, BBQ with Jeff Bridges & the film vs. digital debate

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about this lady behind the lens, head over to The Collection‘s blog to read my interview today.  Thanks to Shaunna Nygren, Managing Editor, for putting it together.  I might just have to make you one of my music compilations with some Songs:Ohia & Johnny Cash on the cue.  Additional side note:  like Shaunna, I also love avocado on everything and have some very fond memories of my travels in Thailand!

Ask a Member: Kate Webber Photography

Head Shots & Heinekens at The Collection

Dear event planners, we will be at The Collection Event Studio (where we are a proud photo member) in Sonoma on Friday, April 29th for Head Shots & Heinekens!  Stop on by and spread the word.  We’d love to see you…and take your picture!


Equally Wed Magazine features Jason + Eric

The nation’s premier same-sex wedding magazine, Equally Wed, has posted a fantastic and wonderfully detailed feature on Jason & Eric’s special wedding at The Carneros Inn.  The title is “Love Uncorked.”  Have a looksey!

This wedding was previously published in print by San Francisco Brides magazine.  Here is my previous post on this great wedding!

Pecan Pie Dreams

I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t stop dreaming about this perfect piece of pecan pie (say that 5 times fast) from The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas today!  So so good.

I don’t remember having pecan pie much as a kid, so its not some old nostalgia pulling me in.  In fact, my earliest memory of trying this pie is as an adult.  After this here piece of sweet goodness though, all other pecan pie memories are now tarnished.  More on Texas and The Salt Lick BBQ stop another time.  This post is just for a randomly sweet (but not too sweet), fleeting, pecan memory.  By the way, you should have dessert today…I think you deserve it.