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Beau Bleu

Having grown up in the seasonally adept Northeast, sometimes I miss not having beautifully fresh, quiet snow sprinkle down outside my window.  As a wise woman reminded me, however, it only stays that pristine, sparkly white for a short time.  Then it gets to be a plowed-shoveled-rained upon mess.  I never really allow my nostalgia’s picture show to get that far.  Yesterday I wore flip flops outside.  Don’t hate me.  While the Bay Area is nowhere near as warm as this place below, I just thought I’d send this out to my freezing friends in the Nor’easterly parts!  Keep the dream alive.  Warm weather will return.  For now, enjoy the winter season and think sunny thoughts.

This is a tiny peek from my travels in French Polynesia this past fall.  It was taken from a bungalow off of Motu Tau Tau, near Taha’a.  After this all too brief stay, we travelled back towards Tahiti to photograph the destination wedding on Moorea.  More photos from that fun adventure soon.