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Sweet Sweet – Style Unveiled feature

Genny & Jay grew up right outside of San Francisco and attended St. Ignatius (SI), in the Sunset, for high school so they wanted to be sure to have a classic San Francisco wedding experience.  Both have childhood memories of riding up the fabulous glass elevator at the Westin St. Francis, in Union Square.  So, after the ceremony, held in another classic San Francisco location, Sts. Peter & Paul church in North Beach, they moved the celebration up to the 32nd floor of the Westin St. Francis for some great views and…the most beautiful dessert display, oh my!


42 years and counting

Most of the couples I photograph are newly engaged or celebrating their wedding day.  There is a heightened excitement surrounding these stages in a relationship that most people can relate to witnessing or feeling themselves.  Its a special time.

Today is my parents’ 42nd wedding anniversary.  I’ve had the great fortune to grow up seeing an exemplary relationship between two partners that is full of respect, humor and ever-growing love.  During this past winter’s visit, when these photos were taken, my father and I took a walk one morning in Golden Gate Park.  He said to me:  “I don’t just love your mom, I’m still in love with her.”  In some ways, that special time I mentioned has lasted 42 years and counting for my parents.

A wedding is one thing, a marriage is another.  Thanks, Mom & Dad, and happy anniversary!