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If you couldn’t guess from this post’s title, yes, I like the Velvet Underground (and Nico). Here is a recent image from my personal work that I would like to share.  I decided to take a mini-diversion from my mainly wedding/portrait posts to put this up.  Although, I have to mention, and I could be mistaken, but I think this was actually the first song my sister and brother-in-law danced to at their wedding!


For whatever variety of reasons, we become attached to things, places, people.  As I’m sure you can imagine is an easy feat for me, I become attached to images.  This photo filtered through my mind quite quickly into a place that I hold close.  Why?  Its mere existence is an affirmation of how much I love what I do, it is an affirmation of all the hours I have spent and those still ahead, looking, finding, making. I had just put down my gear after 9 hours of shooting at a wedding and I saw this beautiful mix of light, this old wallpaper, this softly glowing mirror– I had to take its picture!  I smiled knowing that I had just  finished a long, full day of “seeing” and yet, there was still room and excitement for more.  * I like this photo and I like what I see upon looking into it even more. *