Wedding at Solage Calistoga

Annie & Andrew’s wedding at Solage Calistoga is featured on the Carats & Cake blog today. Perfectly planned by MAP Events with florals from Cherries Flowers. Hope you enjoy a bit of this eye candy…check it out!

katewebber.cc130824.0036 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga


Dear Vermont, I love you.

VT15.barn .5881 640x426 Dear Vermont, I love you.


Urban Safari

001.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

Here are some photos from a collaboration I did earlier this year at The Lab Event at San Francisco’s Ferry Building. This vignette, designed by Kelsey Sheofsky from Shelter Co. and Danielle Rowe from Brown Paper Design, was based on an urban safari. Elements of neon and African-inspired linens along with some of my fine art travel photography on display helped pull the whole feel of it together. Batter Bakery provided some vibrantly colored sweets including zebra-striped treats.  Minted customized one of their standard invitation suites to match the theme as well. Thanks also to Casa de Perrin & Blueprint Studios for some of their rentals.

This collaboration can also be seen on 100 Layer Cake.

10.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

01.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

08.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

02.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

03.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

05.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

06.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

07.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

09.thelab.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari

0035.131106.0004k.katewebber 640x426 Urban Safari


Ease of Agave

Beautifully soft with just the right amount of edge.

wm.326.140327nbg.katewebber Ease of Agave 


Sense of Home

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. I love it. That said, its nice being back in San Francisco for a while. Having now returned to a more consistent pattern with my swimming, I am reminded that wherever I seem to be, I am always at home in the water. Not strangely, that’s also how I seem to feel with a camera in-hand. I like when my two homes collide.

002.140405bb.katewebber.804 640x450 Sense of Home

{I’m not going to lie — stepping into the gorgeous, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico (pictured above) are a lot easier to rally myself into than the chilly SF Bay.}


Modern Sonoma Wedding

Many thanks to the ever-lovely  Snippet & Ink for featuring Shannon & Mike’s wedding!

Click the photo to check out the post over there. 528x640 Modern Sonoma Wedding

Thankful for THE BEST team of talent…

Event Planner: Rebecca Johnson of Kristi Amoroso Special Events 

Floral and Event Design: Kathleen Deery 

Venue: The Standard, Glass House Vineyard in Sonoma, California

Stationery: Little Miss Press 

Hair, Makeup: Wallett 

Catering: The Girl and the Fig 

Cake: Crisp Bakeshop 



Current Travel Obsession

Adventures along far away dirt roads, breezing past fields of palm trees in this blissfully green vintage Grand Wagoneer are calling! One can dream, can’t she?

0083.131106.0361k.katewebber804 640x441 Current Travel Obsession


Featured Photographer at The Lab Event

Happy Sunday! I’m looking forward to being a featured photographer today at The Lab Event in the SF Ferry Building. It is going to be a great afternoon of design inspiration, meeting new folks and sharing smiles with industry friends.

Our team also happens to ROCK and I’m excited to see the vision come together with the talented Shelter Co., Brown Paper Design, Minted & Batter Bakery! I will be shooting our design vignette and will share some photo goods when they’re ready.

0034.131106.0003k.katewebber 469x640 Featured Photographer at The Lab Event


Wedding at Solage Calistoga

Remember Annie & Andrew’s fun engagement photos in San Francisco? Now enjoy a few snippets from their wedding at Solage Calistoga! Here are some of my favorites so far… Beautifully planned by Melissa Panico of MAP Events and floral by Cherries.

01.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

02.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

03.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

04.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

05.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

06.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

07.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

08.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

09.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga11.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

10.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga

12.130824.katewebber 640x426 Wedding at Solage Calistoga



Wedding at Annadel Estate in Sonoma

The ruins at Annadel Estate Winery support the most lush regrowth inside of its walls. I love the feel of all this greenery, the soft sun peeking through and of course, my dear couple, Katie & Craig! They’re a sharp and fun pair and I had the most perfect day of shooting with them, Kelly from A Savvy Event and added pretty from Nancy Liu Chin‘s florals!130803.2007k 640x442 Wedding at Annadel Estate in Sonoma

I have posted another shot on my Facebook Page and one more on my Instagram (@katewebber) so keep an eye out for more lovely looks from this fine day.